"NSOS have put on so many incredible talks during lockdown. The interviews are of a really high standard with guests from every corner of the opera world, which has given me a great insight into elements of opera that I hadn't ever considered before. It's also very approachable - all the events are free and easy to sign up to by following the NSOS social media, and everyone who attends gets the opportunity to ask the guest some questions."
Laurie Duncan
Warwick University
"Throughout lockdown, NSOS built up a thriving and international community of young opera singers around an excellent online series of masterclasses and lectures from industry professionals. They have been an invaluable student-led beacon of hope, positivity and continuity - I was honoured to be an early part of that process and have nothing but praise for the efficient and unflagging way the organisation has been run. They have made many friends and allies across the business in the last few months and the potential for growth is enormous."
John Ramster
Opera Director / Theater Professor
"NSOS’s diverse classes and chats online have been a godsend throughout lockdown. It’s been an invaluable resource and community of opera lovers, singers and everything in between. I got to take part in the John Ramster masterclass and loved it. I’ve got advice to take away with me for life."
Rachael Marsh
Young Opera Singer
"The National Student Opera Society helps to bridge the gap between student Opera and professional Opera by connecting the two through informative talks and masterclasses. They are also a great resource for student opera ensembles around the UK to get in touch with each other and exchange ideas through the NSOS Opera forum, which has been wonderful and very inspiring!"
Mathilde Brun
Durham University
"The programme of talks and masterclasses which NSOS has put on since the start of the pandemic has been invaluable. As an aspiring singer, I have learnt so much about all aspects of the industry – not only about performing specific music and developing my acting skills, but also to gain a better understanding about the work of everyone involved in producing opera. I could not recommend it highly enough, and I really hope that this keeps going well beyond the pandemic!"
Antonida Koncharova
"If you didn't like opera before, the National Student Opera Society is sure to change that."
Alex Norton
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama