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Light amateur fun or professional career?

We want to encourage anyone who is interested in Opera to get involved, whether you can only give it a few hours a week, or whether you are building up your portfolio career to become a professional.


That being said, there are so many different jobs and roles that keep the operatic industry alive, from production managers, to directors, producers, designers... you name it!

Below we have categorised the different jobs and outlined their respective educational paths – enjoy!



To help tailor your educational needs to your most suited roles we have categorised most specifically opera-related jobs

If you want to be on stage you're in the right place

Getting singers to best embody their characters and tell the story

Putting together the opera logistically

Directing and guiding the orchestra

Directing and guiding the orchestra

This is who creates the illusion of the set

Nothing more satisfying than a well-made costume

Lights aaaand...action!

"Wingadium Levio-SAH" not "LeviOHsa"

On-the-ground management


Often the best way to acquire operatic experience is through the wonderful summer programmes out there!

Our team is currently working hard to put together a comprehensive list for our members.

Keep checking out our social media for now!

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